Computer Error

Dear Viewers,

Tuesday night when I got home, I tried to log on to answer e-mails, but no luck — some technical problem. Of course I did not come to that conclusion until I had wasted at least an hour — until at least 1 a.m. Hence, I apologize to those who thought they would get a response either here, or by e-ail. I tried again this morning (yes, more wasted time) and again no luck.

Then I looked at my BlackBerry (search) — my handheld e-mail device — and I saw that I have a blank screen. I have reset it and reset it — but no luck. I have pulled out the battery several times and I have put a paperclip in the reset button and again, no luck. Yes, more wasted time.

The next step is to throw both my computer and Blackberry through the window. If matters get resolved in the next few hours, I will send my daily blog.

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