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Today's Stories on Hurricane Katrina

Positive Air Quality Report Could Reopen French Quarter

New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin said that fumes emanating from floodwaters was reported to be les toxic than expected. Nagin said French Quarter and central busines district could open as early as Monday.

Nursing Home Owners Charged With Negligent Homicide

The husband-and-wife owners of a nursing home were charged with homicide because they did not evacuate 34 elderly patients who died after Hurricane Katrina struck, the first major criminal case related to the storm's still-rising death toll.

Hurricane Katrina Health Crisis: Complete FOX Coverage

As recovery efforts continue in the Gulf Coast and the death toll from Hurricane Katrina continues to rise, the public health crisis wrought by the storm continues to unfold. Health officials have shifted the focus of their concern from the disease threat posed by the polluted flood waters to the cost and delivery of basic health care to the storm's displaced evacuees, and the mental health needs of Katrina's traumatized victims.

Pa. City Battled Floods 116 Years Ago

More than 116 years before Hurricane Katrina destroyed New Orleans, a flood in Johnstown, Pa., exposed the rift between rich and poor, the kindness of strangers and, in the end, the power of the human spirit to rebuild.

Senate Panel Criticizes Katrina Response

Post-9/11 changes to improve the government response to catastrophic disasters failed their first major test in Hurricane Katrina's wake, the Republican chairwoman of a Senate committee said Wednesday as the panel opened an investigation.

Katrina Death Toll Over 400

Hurricane Katrina's death toll in Louisiana jumped by more than half Tuesday to 423 as recovery workers turned more of their attention to gathering up and counting the corpses in a city all but emptied out of the living.

Katrina Evacuees May Flee Again

Hundreds of Hurricane Katrina evacuees who sought refuge along the Carolina coast are watching another major weather system threaten their shelter -- and their peace of mind.

GOP Tax Cuts Delayed By Katrina

Hurricane Katrina means long-planned Republican tax cuts will be delayed but not abandoned, giving Congress time to concentrate on post-Katrina recovery and reconstruction work, lawmakers say.

Katrina Hurts August Industrial Output

Industrial output rose only slightly in August as Hurricane Katrina severely cut back production of petroleum and chemicals along the Gulf Coast.

Laura Bush Defends President

Laura Bush is reprising her role as her husband's first defender, making several trips to the hurricane-ravaged Gulf Coast as President Bush's approval ratings sink to their lowest level yet.

Wave of Katrina Bills Hit Legislative Snags

A spate of bills to cut federal red tape and otherwise make it easier to get aid to victims of Hurricane Katrina has hit a slow patch as lawmakers wrestle over how to shape their response.

Bush Takes Responsibility for Some Katrina Failures

President Bush says "I take responsibility" for failures in dealing with Hurricane Katrina and says the disaster raised broader questions about the government's ability to respond to natural disasters as well as terror attacks.

DHS Investigators Head to Gulf Coast

Team of investigators sent to the Hurricane Katrina-ravaged Gulf Coast to follow the money — namely, billions of dollars in relief aid the federal government is pouring into the region without normal contracting safeguards.

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