A Massachusetts man who lost an arm and a leg more than 19 years ago lost his 'life-line' earlier this week when his wheelchair was stolen.

Eddie Kramer left his electrical wheelchair on his back porch before going to bed, as he did routinely, but woke up to find it gone, WPRI reported.

“You got to be a piece of work to steal somebody’s wheelchair,” Kramer told WPRI.

Without his chair, day-to-day tasks have been much more difficult for the amputee. Kramer lost the limbs when he was hit by a truck and dragged for miles.

Friends, family and even strangers donated money to purchase Kramer a new electric wheelchair, which will arrive Friday. And though Kramer is grateful for the assistance, he still hopes the old chair will be returned.

“I’m just kind of stuck here, you know?” Kramer told WPRI.

Kramer purchased the original electric wheelchair for about $7,000 with help from insurance and Medicare, because standard wheelchairs are too difficult for him to maneuver with one arm.

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