Common Sense: When Celebrities Attack

I want you to think really hard for a second.

When is the last time you ever heard anyone in Hollywood say anything good about President Bush, or for that matter, Republicans?

Tough, isn't it?

Why does this bug me? Because I'm a father and my teenage daughter looks up to a lot of these yahoos. I have no idea why -- clearly some failing on my part. And when these knuckleheads go out of their way to bash the right, who's to blame my daughter for thinking they are right.

Over the weekend, Sting — a singer with no last name — blasted the president, who does.

Let me quote Sting's Stinger:

"I'm not really sure he really understands a lot of issues," he said. "He seems to be given his lines by other people."

Well, no offense Sting, or Mr. Stinger, or Sting-Meister, or whatever we call you, I'm not really sure it's your place to judge. You're not even from this country.

But I digress. Because Sting isn't the only one stinging Bush.

There was Barbra Streisand last week, practically apoplectic that Democrats had thrown down the guard to this illegitimate White House occupant.

And before that Martin Sheen, who plays a president, blasting the guy who actually is.

And now Jay Leno, who all but likened New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani to Adolf Hitler because of the mayor's stance on publicly-funded art.

Here's what bugs me. My daughter likes some of these guys, even worships some of these guys.  But she's not hearing anything else from these guys.  So who can blame her if she starts thinking like these guys?

Look, I'm not trying to tell Sting how to write his songs. Or Barbra how to belt out a concert. Or Jay how to plan a monologue.

So please guys, don't tell me or my daughter, how to think.

I wouldn't mind if you bent over backwards to give her all sides.  But I do mind, precisely, because you don't.

You might think it's cool to make the right seem wrong.  I just think it's wrong that you only see yourself as right.  And that's wrong.

But that's me.

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