Common Sense: Time to Clean the Air

I’ve been thinking about this Kyoto thing. Not so much about what the treaty says, but what the media says it says.

The media is wrong, my friends.

Not all the media, but I will say most.

The media go for the headlines, but often leave out the facts.

Item one. The media tell you — and often — that the U.S. is the odd man out on this environmental thing. They don't tell you that Romania hates it and won't sign it.

Item two. They tell you that the whole world is united in cleaning up the environment. They don't tell you that the ones who dirty it up the most don't have to help with the cleaning — China and India get a pass.

Item three. They tell you that the world is committed to pay its fair share of the mess. They don't tell you that the U.S. will foot the lion's share of the costs.

Item four. Even there, they tell you that the U.S. should pay more, because we pollute more. They don't tell you that our fuel efficiency standards are the best — the best — on earth.

Item five. They tell you that richer countries should pay for developing countries to clean up their water and air. But they don't tell you that half of those developed countries, including half of South America, aren't obligated to do anything on their own.

My point here isn't to bash environmentalists or the media who fawns over them. I simply want to clear the air.

We all want a cleaner earth, but we all ought to start with a clean slate. Just because you're anti-Kyoto, doesn't make you anti-environment. Maybe the dirty little secret you're not being told is worse than the dirty, little mess that you are.

Someone's blowing smoke and I know it isn't me.

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