Common Sense: Return of the Budget Beast

I'm talking tax cuts again. But this time with a tad more alarm in my voice.

Why? Because I don't like what's going on down in Washington, that's why.

As if you needed any proof that money in Washington's hands is just as good as money spent, take a look at the budget soap opera that's going on.

These guys aren't even out of the budget box, and they're already spending 28 billion bucks more than they said they would.

The economic research institute estimates that when all is said and done, spending will likely be at least 70 billion more than initially budgeted.  Programs targeted for no more than 4 percent growth could swell to double that amount.

Which is why I go on and on about all this spending.  When the money's with them — and not with us — be afraid, my friends, be very afraid.  Because they will spend it. And spend it. And keep spending it.

That's why I'm saying we must stop it.  Or least address the hypocrisy of it.

We had Democratic congressman John Spratt on our air last night saying that these spending priorities are the reason why tax cuts aren't a good idea.  No offense, congressman, I think you've got it backwards.  The tax cuts are the reason your spending priorities aren't a good idea.

Look, give a drunk 20 bucks in a liquor store, you know what he'll do.  Take away the 20 bucks, you know what he can't do.

I tell you, it's like a bad Frankenstein movie. And this one I've seen.  The beast is back.

I say, stop him — before he kills again.

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