Common Sense: One Wild and Crazy Guy

I received a lot of great comments for showing Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer’s recent enthusiastic pep rally.

I loved it.

Not only because I so happen to like that guy. But because I like guys like that guy. Leaders who are unconventional. Leaders who are passionate. Leaders who laugh, who yell, who enjoy life. And make you enjoy life too.

Ballmer's a cheerleader. And a darn good one. I think that's what a leader should be. The best ones are.

Jack Welch of General Electric had that special magic, that enthusiasm and aura that transcended the stiff CEO. He inspired. He laughed — at you and at himself. But he really loved what he did and it showed.

You don't have to agree with everything the CEO does or says. But rule one for me is, does this guy make me want to go to work at his company? Does he make me want to invest in his company?

The bottom line, is the bottom line. You have to put up the numbers. And the good ones — the great ones — do.

Nothing seems mundane, or boring, or tedious, or a waste of time to them. It's like that old Ted Baxter line when he was trying to console Mary Richards when she was going through a funk.

"Mary," he suggested. "I just don't get up in the morning and brush my teeth and wash my face and put my clothes on... I get up in the morning and brush my teeth and wash my face and put my clothes on!"

Even old Ted Baxter got it right. It's not the drudgery of the day-to-day we lament, but how lucky we are in the first place that we have it.

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