Common Sense: Going Postal

Some of you clearly think that I have a lot of nerve.

But finally tonight, I want to talk about someone with even more nerve. For my money, the chutzpah of the week award has to go the U.S. Postal Service which all but issued an ultimatum this week: Let us raise our rates, or we'll stop Saturday mail delivery.

Now I'm not here to bash the postal service. I am here to bash its clearly threatening tone and its sometimes-devious approach. Best as I can remember, every hike it asked for, it pretty much got.

Here's what I want to know: are you asking for ransom money? Trying to scare the heck out of us so that we give you anything you want?

You knew and know darn well threatening to nix Saturday delivery means a lot of folks waiting for Social Security checks and the like, could wait a little longer. I think that stinks.

For all I know, you could be right. Your business could be so overwhelmed and your workers so overworked that you have to cut costs.

I say, let me help you.

Let me find a private company, or maybe several private companies, to assist you.

No, better yet, to replace you. Clearly you've had to go to the well one too many times. I'm sure it's demeaning to ask for rate hikes again and again and again. So I say, let me save you the trouble.

You say, no one can do what you do.  I say, let me see if you're right.  You very well might be.  But a little competition never hurt anybody and God knows it keeps me on my toes.

You keep saying you're doing the best you can.  I'm saying, let's see if someone can do better.If I'm wrong, you get your rate hike. Maybe even your cancelled Saturday deliveries.

If I'm right, I cancel you.


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