Our guests this week:
• Secretary of Defense Robert Gates
• Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper
• Edwin Feulner, president of The Heritage Foundation

President Obama unveils a new strategy to fight the war in Afghanistan with the goal to wipe out Al Qaeda militants there and in neighboring Pakistan who were plotting new attacks on the United States.

The U.S. military in Afghanistan will shift the emphasis of its mission to training and expanding the Afghan army so that it could take the lead in securing the country and allow U.S. troops to return home. In addition to the 17,000 additional combat troops authorized last month, President Obama will send 4,000 more troops to train Afghan Security Forces.

Will this new strategy succeed? We sit down with Secretary of Defense Robert Gates for the latest military analysis on Afghanistan, Pakistan and other trouble spots.

Then, the financial crisis has world leaders concerned about the best way to get our global economy back on track. Next week’s G20 summit presents an opportunity for the world’s largest economies to come together and find a way forward. We will preview the upcoming summit during an exclusive interview with Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

And, Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner finally unveils his banking plan and makes a power grab for more government regulation. Will it work? We'll get analysis from our Sunday panel: Bill Sammon, FOX News Washington managing editor, Nina Easton of Fortune magazine, Bill Kristol of the Weekly Standard and Juan Williams of National Public Radio.

Plus, our Power Player of the Week tells us why having a Democrat in the White House still makes it a good time to be a conservative: Edwin Feulner, president of The Heritage Foundation.

So check your local listings and we’ll see you on the next "FOX News Sunday."