Our exclusive guest this week is Rudy Giuliani, former mayor of New York City and GOP presidential candidate.

He started as the frontrunner for the Republican nomination. Now, after poor showings in Iowa and New Hampshire, he is looking for a win. He's pouring all his resources into Florida, but there are still two more Republican primaries before the Sunshine State votes for their nominee. Will his strategy work? How can he reestablish his relevance? We'll ask the former New York City mayor in a "FOX News Sunday" exclusive.

Then, New Hampshire voters give a boost to John McCain and Hillary Clinton. What can we expect as the candidates head to Michigan, South Carolina, Florida and beyond? Joining us will be Brit Hume, Washington managing editor of FOX News; Mara Liassson of National Public Radio, Bill Kristol of the Weekly Standard, and Juan Williams of National Public Radio.

So check your local listings and we'll see you on the next "FOX News Sunday."