Our exclusive guests this week:
• Gov. Ed Rendell, D-Pa.
• Gov. Jennifer Granholm, D-Mich.
• Gov. Mark Sanford, R-S.C.
• Gov. Tim Pawlenty, R-Minn.

This weekend the nation's governors descend on Washington. Now that President Obama has signed the economic stimulus, state leaders are looking to find out the best way to put the money to good use. With most states clamoring for government cash, a small contingent of governors contemplates the potential effectiveness of the stimulus, with some even claiming that they may not accept or spend any of the money.

Plus, we'll take a look at President Obama's new plan to prevent home foreclosures. Can the government help roughly 9 million homeowners refinance their mortgages? Does the housing plan go far enough? And who qualifies for aid?

We sit down for an exclusive roundtable discussion with four influential governors: Ed Rendell, Jennifer Granholm, Mark Sanford and Tim Pawlenty.

Then, Attorney General Eric Holder's race comments stir debate when he calls America "a nation of cowards." He cites President Obama's address last year on race relations as motivation for his words, but did he go too far? We'll discuss with our Sunday panel: Brit Hume, FOX News senior political analyst; Mara Liasson of National Public Radio; Bill Kristol of the Weekly Standard and Juan Williams of National Public Radio.

So check your local listings and we’ll see you on the next "FOX News Sunday."