Our guests this week:
• David Axelrod, White House senior adviser
• Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google
• Mark Zandi, chief economist, Moody's Economy.com

The Senate and House finally reach an agreement on a $790 billion economic stimulus — a big political win for President Obama on Capitol Hill. But meanwhile, another Cabinet nominee steps down. Republican Senator Judd Gregg withdraws his nomination for commerce secretary citing policy disagreements about President Obama's economic recovery plan. So how does the administration move forward? We'll get a handle on the president's next move when we're joined by his senior adviser, David Axelrod.

Then, with the passage of the economic stimulus all but assured, many now wonder, will the plan work? President Obama began the week by giving a prime-time news conference to lay out his vision for recovery. But so far the initial reaction from the financial markets has been adverse. We'll get insights and analysis from two leading voices from the business world: Google Chairman and CEO, Eric Schmidt and chief economist of Moody's Economy.com Mark Zandi — only on "FOX News Sunday."

Plus, we'll discuss the politics of the financial crisis: Does either party have the upper hand in the fight to save the economy? We'll ask our Sunday panel: Bill Sammon, FOX News Washington deputy managing editor; Mara Liasson of National Public Radio; Bill Kristol of the Weekly Standard and Juan Williams of National Public Radio.

So check your local listings and we’ll see you on the next "FOX News Sunday."