Colorado Couple Uses Fake $100 Bill to Rip Off Girl Scouts

A young couple ripped off a Girl Scout group when they paid them for cookies with a fake $100 bill, police said.

The couple paid Friday night at a King Soopers and told the girls the bill had been washed when asked about why it looked so strange.

"It felt and looked wrong and it was a quarter of an inch shorted than a $1 bill," said Jil Hennessey-Seabolt, the cookie director for Junior Girl Scouts Troop 2121. Hennessey-Seabolt said the Girl Scouts gave the couple $93.50 in change after the purchase.

The exchange eradicated the Scouts' earnings that day. The money they raise in the sales goes to camping trips and to area charities.

"Something like this isn't fair when it happens to adults, but when it happens to kids who work so hard, it's so frustrating," Hennessey-Seabolt said.

The story did have a happy ending, though. Westminster police said a resident anonymously called and donated $100 to the Girl Scouts.