Colorado Car Crash Victim Survives 5 Days in Wilderness Drinking Rainwater From Hair

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A woman from Colorado who crashed her car survived five days in the wilderness with no food or water by drinking rainwater from her hair.

Cynthia Blair-Hoover suffered 11 broken ribs, a punctured lung and several broken vertebrae after her VW Passat went flying off a cliff and rolled 350 feet down the side of a hill. The accident happened a week and a half ago and occurred after Blair-Hoover swerved to avoid hitting a deer, reported.

The 52-year-old was left unconscious as the car ended up near a mine in Central City, Colo.

She had no food and faced rain, freezing temperatures and snow, as well as the threat of mountain lions and bears.

The victim managed to stay alive by draining the water from her hair into her mouth.

Blair-Hoover said she had armed herself with a golf club to protect herself if wild animals approached.

She eventually managed to crawl 450 yards to the mine, which was open for tours.

At the mine, she heard voices and cried out for help. After several minutes, people heard her pleas and found her barely alive.

Rescuers said her mouth was full of dirt from when she had dragged herself along the ground. She is recovering in a Colorado hospital.

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