Colombian Soldiers Mistake British MP's Coffee-Mate for Cocaine

A British Parliament Minister hiking on vacation in Colombia was held at gunpoint in the jungle and forced to eat powdered coffee creamer from a jar in his backpack after soldiers mistook it for cocaine, Reuters reported.

Tory MP Michael Fabricant was in South America with a friend when they were stopped by a group of gun-toting soldiers who suspected the creamer in his bag was drugs.

"In order to demonstrate that it wasn't cocaine, I had to take a whole pile of it and throw it down my throat," Fabricant told BBC television.

"They waited a few minutes to see whether I collapsed or went delirious and said something completely ridiculous like 'Gordon Brown's got a great personality'.

"Because I didn't say anything too weird, they came to the conclusion that it wasn't the case and they let me go."

Fabricant said it took some convincing, and admitted to not speaking much Spanish, but eventually the soldiers accepted that the substance was Coffee-Mate.

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