It amounted to breaking news for CNN's Wolf Blitzer: "Saturday Night Live" did a skit, in which they poked fun of President Obama.

Take a look, take-a-lookers:


FRED ARMISEN AS PRESIDENT OBAMA: When you look at my record, it's very clear what I've done so far. And that is: nothing.


Apparently, making fun of Obama was so distasteful, that it left Wolf incredulous — worse than when he tanked on "Jeopardy." And so begins the first ever comprehensive fact-check of an "SNL" skit I've seen and perhaps the strangest piece of media analysis ever.

Check it out, check-it-outers:


WOLF BLITZER, CNN ANCHOR: While many people think "SNL" has mostly spared President Obama, what they're doing now is not necessarily all that kind. They essentially cast the leader of the free world as a do-nothing president — at least so far.

KAREEN WYNTER, ENTERTAINMENT CORRESPONDENT: While some observers say, sure, we are just talking comedy here, but that on many points, "SNL" couldn't have been more off the mark.


Now, wouldn't you know, CNN thinks the skit "missed the mark" — not surprising, coming from a network blinded by the president's pocket lint.

Forgive me for being both "flabbered" and "gasted," but did CNN ever do this when "SNL" went after Bush, Palin or any other Republican?

Now, I never expected or wanted that. Seriously, reviewing an "SNL" skit for accuracy is like reviewing McDonalds for their wine list.

So why did CNN do it? My guess is the segment was the product of a strongly worded request, possibly by someone living in a big house with a huge ego and now, bruised feelings.

But the funniest part in all this? That CNN totally missed Fred Armisen's skit sabotage. Seriously, you'd find more sincerity from a hostage reading a ransom note complimenting his captors. I half-expected him to blink in Morse code, "please send help."

See for yourself, see-for-yourselfers:


ARMISEN: If I see any more of this hateful rhetoric, I am going to have to take drastic action. Nah, not really.


In the end, it makes me wonder if CNN's analysis of "SNL" was a skit in itself — a brilliant Onion evisceration, designed to poke fun of a network so in the tank for Obama that a skit on the Messiah short-circuits their powers of reason.

But if CNN has decided this is worth doing, why stop with skits? I saw a recent "Animals Gone Wild" video, where it was clear a cocky matador was way too harsh on a bull — totally unfair.

And if you disagree with me, then you're probably a racist.

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