Welcome to the Clubhouse Report.

Don't look now, but Generation X has come of age. And none other than Allen Iverson is head of the class.

The man that some would say would not ever play on a title contender, who would never be able to get along with any authority figure, aside from his mom, now has the top-seeded Philadelphia 76ers in the second round of the conference play-offs. And get this, shed tears of joy after eliminating the Pacers. Tears of Joy !! Are you seated?

He went on to credit his teammates and his coach. Yes, that's the same coach he almost forced from the franchise four months ago, Larry Brown.

Break out the airbrush, NBA, Mr Tattoo is now your bread and butter.

Lone Rangers

The Seattle Mariners have the best record in baseball and might just be the most complete team in baseball. In fact, their lead is so big so early I can not help but wonder what Rangers owner Tom Hicks must be thinking right about now.

The man who just two years ago was focused on getting past the Yankees now can't get near first-place Seattle. Yes, with a rising star in Gabe Kapler, $250 million invested in Alex Rodriguez, millions more in the bat of 40ish Andreas Galarraga Texas is wallowing.

We always knew money can't buy happiness, and now we know its can't buy wins either. Suddenly sports and life intersect. Who would've thought?

Kickin' it Up

Attention women. Don't get too giddy with the early success of the WUSA, Americas first professional soccer league.

We all knew they'd come out of the gates strong, much like Major League Soccer, the American Basketball Association and the XFL. But The real test for this start-up league will be in July, August and September. Will the fans come once the buzz is gone, and will they create a new fan along the way? I can only watch Brandi Chastian take her top off so many more times before I begin to wonder if they ever give us another memorable moment.

Finally, Hasim Rahman thought it was hard becoming heavyweight champion he now faces an equally tough task choosing a promoter, deciding on his next match and selecting a network of choice.

None other then Don King is set to toss $15 million his way to come aboard the satan express, to unify the titles with Johnny Ruiz. HBO has talked about a huge multifight deal and

Cedric Kushner I'm sure is weighing in with big bucks. Should he rematch right away with Lennox Lewis or go for the bigger money with a more palatable opponent in Mike Tyson?. Fighting Tyson, he'd certainly risk being stripped by the boxing bodies.

Want my advice ? I'll give it to you anyway. Stay with Kushner short term money up front, sign to fight Tyson, but make it on HBO. And for the sake of the sport make the winner fight Lennox Lewis.

That's the Clubhouse Report.Thanks for all your e-mails, and we look forward to your thoughts again this week.