George Clooney (search) denied a newspaper report that he was involved in a shoving match with a security guard outside a bar in London's West End.

The Evening Standard said Clooney had gotten into a pushing fight with a guard at Meza in the early hours of Friday morning after using the bar's rear entrance to avoid photographers.

According to the newspaper, a reception was being held at the bar for a screening of Clooney's latest film, "Good Night, and Good Luck." (search)

A statement by Clooney's Los Angeles-based publicist, Stan Rosenfield, said the actor "did not get into a fight with a security guard. ... However, he did get into an argument with someone connected with the movie. ... And while it had nothing to do with the paparazzi, it did have everything to do with someone being unkind to a woman.

"While no punches were thrown, George told the person to knock it off."

Rosenfield didn't give full details of what happened, and didn't identify the woman he was referring to.

In the statement, Clooney said he was coming to the defense of a woman he believed was being mistreated.

"I won't stand by while someone is being insulted and maligned," the 44-year-old actor said.

A phone call by The Associated Press to a spokesman for the Evening Standard went unanswered late Friday.

The Evening Standard said Clooney left with his ex-girlfriend, British TV presenter Lisa Snowdon, in a car that had pulled up at the bar.

Redbus, the company distributing "Good Night, and Good Luck" in Britain, said: "This is a storm in a teacup. George had traveled a long way for the premiere, and everyone was thrilled to see him and had a good time." It did not confirm or deny the incident.

A Meza spokeswoman said none of the staff were involved in any incident with Clooney, but that Clooney's British management had hired security guards separately for the reception.

"Good Night, and Good Luck" is based on the battle between TV journalist Edward R. Murrow (search) and Sen. Joseph McCarthy (search) during the 1950s.

Clooney directed, co-wrote and starred in the film.