Clinton's Scandals Too Much?

Now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine:

"His closets were full of skeletons just waiting to burst out." That's how Former FBI Director Louis Freeh (search) describes former President Bill Clinton (search) in his new book, "My FBI." Freeh blames endless administration scandals, specifically the Whitewater investigation and the Lewinsky scandal for a bitter relationship he had with the former president, saying, "Whatever moral compass the president was consulting was leading him in the wrong direction."

And Freeh accuses Mr. Clinton of obstructing the FBI's investigation into the 1996 attack on the Khobar Towers, saying Clinton refused to ask Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah to allow the agency to question bombing suspects. A spokesman for former President Clinton calls that charge and the book itself, “a total work of fiction.”

Message From God?

Thursday we reported that Palestinian Deputy Prime Minister Nabil Shaath (search) claimed to have heard President Bush say God told him to invade Iraq and Afghanistan in a June 2003 meeting. Today a senior administration official told FOX News that documented notes from that meeting reveal President Bush said no such thing and that the war in Iraq and Afghanistan weren't even mentioned.

Shaath, whose comments will be featured in an upcoming BBC documentary, clarified his remarks Friday saying, "We never thought that God was literally whispering in his ears or that the angel Gabriel gave him a direct message from God ... We understood this to mean a commitment by President Bush in the Middle East." Late today Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas (search) issued a statement supporting the notion that Shaath's account was inaccurate.

French-Bashing Chicken?

The French are at it again, this time accusing the U.S. restaurant chain Subway of engaging in French-bashing. In a recent ad campaign Subway promoted its chicken cordon bleu sandwich with a picture of a chicken dressed as Napoleon and the caption "France and chicken, somehow it just goes together."

The ad sparked such a backlash from France's expatriate community that Subway was forced to cancel the campaign. Critics took this as a reference to French cowardice, while Subway insists it was simply trying to equate its sandwiches with France's fine cuisine.

New Wheels for Greenspan?

Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan (search) has a brand new ride. Problem is — he can't keep it. Greenspan's wife, NBC Correspondent Andrea Mitchell and event planner Carolyn Peachey won a silver 2006 Porsche Boxster in a raffle at the Spina Bifida Association (search) fundraiser Wednesday night. Greenspan hasn't had a car in years, but will need one when he retires from the Fed, so they planned to give it to him as a retirement gift. Although as a government servant, Greenspan is unable to accept gifts over $25. They are now trying to donate either the car or its proceeds back to the association.

— FOX News' Aaron Bruns contributed to this report