Clint Eastwood's Mystery Political Donation

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Clint Eastwood's Mystery Political Donation

Does Clint Eastwood have an adult child we've never heard about, or is he just partial to politicians named Eastwood?

Clint recently made his only political donation of 2004 to a failing congressional campaign in Washington state.

The candidate is named Randle Frederick Eastwood, and he's the Republican challenger to well-ensconced Democratic incumbent Jay Inslee in the Seattle-Bellevue area.

According to, local real-estate agent Randy Eastwood has raised around $50,846 — about $850,000 less than the money put together by his opponent.

Clint donated $250 to Randy's campaign. As of Oct. 13, Inslee had over $900,000 remaining in cash. Randy Eastwood had $314.

This Eastwood says in his biography that a poor Pittsburgh steel worker who moved to Denver to find work raised him. There is no mention of a movie-star connection.

Oscar-winner Clint Eastwood, 74, one of the last great Hollywood stars, acknowledges seven children, including actress Alison and musician/actor Kyle, actress Kimber (by Roxanne Tunis) as well as a daughter by actress Frances Fisher, two children by Jacelyn Reeves and another by his current and lovely wife Dina Ruiz Eastwood.

None of the published biographies of Eastwood mentions a Randle or Randy. Calls to the candidate's office were not returned last night. If only Randy were his long-lost son, it might make for a good tie in headlines for Clint's new movie, "Million Dollar Baby."

I suppose it's possible that Clint just liked the fact that someone named Eastwood was running for office — and was a Republican.

'Fahrenheit' DVD Beating 'The Passion' in Sales

Everyone's looking for an indicator in the presidential election, something besides the conventional polls. So here's one more bit of information: Michael Moore's "Fahrenheit 9/11" is way ahead of Mel Gibson's "The Passion of the Christ" on the DVD bestseller list.

Moore, of course, is an outspoken supporter of Sen. John Kerry, while Gibson is firmly pro-President George W. Bush.

Gibson, in fact, had a public tiff last week with California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger when the latter came out in support of stem-cell research.

Could Moore and Gibson — with the two most controversial films of 2004 — be weather vanes for tomorrow's voting?

On, "Fahrenheit" is holding steady at No. 8, while 'The Passion' is well below it at No. 38. Just ahead of 'The Passion' are the Marx Brothers, "Elf" and "Dawn of the Dead."

I suppose it could be argued that "The Passion" made so much money at the box office that everyone who wanted to see it already has. Still, I'm surprised that more of its fans aren't clamoring to own it, considering the holiday season is upon us.

Another documentary, David O. Russell's "Soldiers Pay," gets an airing tonight on the Independent Film Channel. The 35-minute short features some eye-opening interviews with U.S. troops from both political parties. IFC is also screening D.A. Pennebaker and Chris Hegedus' 1993 Oscar-nominated "The War Room," which is about the first Clinton campaign.

Vote for ... Disco, and Trudie Styler

Trudie Styler knows what to do with herself when hubby, rock star/author/activist Sting, is on tour around the world. I mean, how many times can you hear "Roxanne"? Styler, herself a producer/activist/actress, is being honored by the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund in New York on Thursday night.

Trudie will get the second annual award named for the late and beloved Harpers Bazaar magazine editor Liz Tilberis. I knew Liz and I know Trudie. The latter is a great choice, and I guess that's why so many celebrities have agreed to appear, including Al Roker, Joy Behar, Donna Karan, Milla Jovovich, Leslie Stahl, Peter Boyle and at least one of the "Queer" guys.

After-dinner entertainment will be supplied by, no, not Stewart Copeland of The Police, but some other fine people who will serve up some needed post-election nostalgia: The Village People, Thelma Houston, the incredible Martha Wash and The Trammps. Hopefully, Leslie Stahl won't catch them lip-synching.

There may be tickets available by emailing or by calling Keesha at 212-685-4300.