Climber Rescued From Washington Mountain After Spending 5 Days in Cave

A climber was rescued from a mountain in Washington state after being stranded in a cave for five days.

Jason Schilling survived the ordeal, according to KIRO-TV. Bad weather prevented the rescue from happening sooner.

A helicopter airlifted Schilling off Mount Terror in Whatcom County, Wash., Thursday, the station reported. He'd been on day four of a six-day hike when one of his friends lost his footing and fell about 70 feet, breaking a leg and suffering a head injury, according to KIRO.

A helicopter came to airlift the friend, Steve Trent, but left Schilling on the mountain.

The helicopter couldn't come back for him because of bad weather, but rescuers left him with a survival kit full of food, water, a radio and a sleeping bag.

"Turned on the radio and the ranger was like, 'Weather's turned bad tomorrow. We'll try to rescue you in the morning, but you could be up there for three days,'" Schilling said. "So my heart sank. It was like, 'You got to be kidding me.'"

Over the radio, his friends guided him to the cave, where he spent the next four nights and five days until rescuers could get to him.

"I was starting to go crazy," Schilling told the station.

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