Claims of CIA Negligence

Wednesday on "DaySide"

Although we now have heard why jurors voted to put Scott Peterson (search) to death for killing his wife and baby, there are still more questions to ask. Wednesday we're seeking comment from Laci's family and the family of Amber Frey.

We're also working on some stories regarding the War on Terror: one involves reports out of Afghanistan that many Taliban (search) holdouts are at last ready to lay down their arms. The reason? They say they're cold and hungry and tired of hiding out in the mountains. Also, some reportedly are grumbling that Bin Laden "sold them a bill of goods."

On the Iran front, a senior Republican congressman is going public with a warning he says the CIA has ignored — a purported plot by an Iranian-backed terrorist cell to hijack Canadian planes and crash them into a nuclear reactor in New Hampshire.

Rep. Curt Weldon (search) of Pennsylvania has gotten tips from people inside the mullahs' inner circle, and says he's been quietly pressing the CIA to follow up on them. Frustrated by what he calls a lack of action by the agency, Rep. Weldon is now speaking out.

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