Robert De Niro is a cop with a troubled kid and another kid is getting along swimmingly with a guy at first -- all in the harsh glare of The Foxlight.

Just because a story is true doesn't make it a good movie. Robert De Niro plays a cop who has to save his addict son from the rest of the police force. It's called City by the Sea and some critics like it, others aren't so easily swayed by Bob, Frances McDormand and an admittedly great James Franco who says he did some real life panhandling for research. For the record, he was bad at it. The film was shot before Sept. 11 and leaves the Trade Towers in the movie -- something the always chatty De Niro says he was all for.

Next, Erika Christensen is proud to have added "wacko" to her resume. She says every actor needs to play someone who goes "off the deep end." Like a high school student who becomes obsessed with a guy after a one-night stand in Swimfan? Sure. If that reminds you of Fatal Attraction, it should. Christensen says was inspired by Glenn Close's performance. Unlike Close, though, Christensen says she's no "bunny boiler." She says she's "much worse." We'll consider that fair warning -- along with the reviews that say it doesn't stay afloat.

Maybe these two tepid films are the reason Sony is re-releasing Men In Black II and Spider-Man. That and, you know, the profit thing.