Citibank ATMs Still Not Working

Citigroup Inc. said on Wednesday its U.S. Citibank network of 2,000 automated teller machines still was not working properly, after software glitches shut the machines down for hours Tuesday night and kept people from taking out money.

The Citibank online system also was not functioning completely, after crashing last night around the same time that the ATM network failed.

``The Citibank ATM network and other systems experienced a temporary outage last evening,'' a spokesman for the New York-based financial services giant said. ``While our systems were restored by early Wednesday morning, we have continued to experience difficulties this morning. We're working hard to resolve the issues as quickly as possible.''

Citigroup, one of the biggest consumer banks in the country with about 2 million retail customers, could not quantify the extent of the problem Wednesday. The bank said its top priority was fixing the ATM network, then it would address other system problems.

The bank's cash machines went down around 5 p.m. EDT on Tuesday, due to software problems, the bank said. Service was restored at around 9 p.m. EDT Tuesday, but the bank still was fixing systems early Wednesday morning.

Citibank, Citigroup's banking arm, said it would refund fees its customers paid to use other banks' ATMs during the outages.