Christmas Under Siege: The Big Picture

Christmas under siege — the big picture. That is the subject of this evening's "Talking Points Memo."

All over the country, Christmas is taking flak. In Denver this past weekend, no religious floats were permitted in the holiday parade there. In New York City, Mayor Bloomberg unveiled the holiday tree and no Christian Christmas symbols are allowed in the public schools. Federated Department Stores, [that's] Macy's, have done away with the Christmas greeting, "Merry Christmas."

Now, all of this anti-Christian stuff is absurd, and may even be a bias situation. But the real reason it's happening has little to do with Christmas and everything to do with organized religion.

Secular progressives realize that America as it is now will never approve of gay marriage, partial birth abortion, euthanasia, legalized drugs, income redistribution through taxation, and many other progressive visions because of religious opposition.

But if the secularists can destroy religion in the public arena, the brave new progressive world is a possibility. That's what happened in Canada.

The facts:

• In 1980, 79 percent of Canadians said that religion was important for the nation there. That number has now dropped to 61percent.

• In 1971, less than one percent of the Canadian population reported having no religion. That number has now risen to 16 percent.

The fall of religion in Canada has corresponded to the rise in progressive public policy. Most Canadians now favor gay marriage. The age of consent for sex is 14 years. That means if you're an adult and you have sex with a 15-year-old, that's fine.

Welfare's double what it is in the USA. And the Canadian military is almost non-existent.

Drug decriminalization is a reality, as is any kind of abortion. The Canadian model is what progressive Americans are shooting for. Thus, Christian displays like Christmas must be scaled back because the connection with Judeo-Christian beliefs is bad for the secular agenda.

Now most people, of course, love Christmas and want to keep its traditions, but the secular movement has influence in the media, among some judges and politicians. Americans will lose their country if they don't begin to take action. Any assault on Judeo-Christian philosophy should be fought.

Organizations like and the Alliance Defense Fund in Phoenix are fighting back, but need your help. has information on that.

"Talking Points" is convinced that the USA cannot defeat terrorism and any other evil without a strong, traditional foundation that clearly defines right from wrong. The struggle today is not about Christmas, but about the spirit of our country.

And that's "The Memo."

The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

I want to say thanks to the 1,200 people who turned out for my book signing yesterday in Ridgewood, New Jersey. Most picked up the "O'Reilly Factor for Kids" as a Christmas gift, stocking stuffer, whatever. And along the way somebody handed me this illustration. [Editor's Note: Picture of Bill's face imposed over Thomas Jefferson's face on Mount Rushmore.] Pretty creative but also pretty ridiculous. I admit it. Tom Jefferson must be appalled. It's only a matter of time before the graffiti artists start chipping away. — My apologies to Mount Rushmore. You never know what you're going to get at those signings...

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