'Christmas' to Stay in Denver

Christmas is back – at least that’s what Denver’s mayor is saying.

After receiving a negative backlash from residents for announcing an adjustment to the city and county building seasonal sign to the more secular “Happy Holidays” from the more traditional “Merry Christmas,” Mayor John Hickenlooper (search) decided to nix the idea.

He said he was simply trying to be more inclusive when he made the initial decision.

"Clearly a mistake, what I'm trying to do now is let people know that just because there's two o's in Hickenlooper doesn't necessarily make me scrooge," the mayor said.

Colorado’s not alone.

California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (search) reversed former Gov. Gray Davis' (search) decision to call the state holiday tree a “holiday tree,” and reverted to the familiar title of “Christmas tree” during the annual lighting ceremony.

In fact, the Christmas spirit seems to infect the majority of Americans.

A recent FOX News Opinion Dynamics poll found that more than half of American say they call the upcoming festive time the “Christmas season,” while under a third call it the “holiday season” and 12 percent say they use both terms.

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