Christmas in April

Hello friends of "FOX & Friends,"

Another Friday is already here, and I'm looking at an extensive "Honey, Do" list for the weekend. But before I shuttle off for two days of spackling and re-seeding, I wanted to take a quick look back at a very successful "Take Your Child to Work Day."

Across the country an estimated 20 million children tagged along with their parents at 3 million different places of employment, as mothers and fathers pretended they had plenty of work to do — when in reality, if the kid wasn't there, they'd spend a large portion of the day sipping coffee over by the copier and doing some much-needed online shopping.

"Take Your Child to Work Day" is like a national holiday at our house. Being the father of three, I've been dragging my children into Manhattan pre-crack of dawn for 10 years. For the average parent, you might think that your child won't get anything out of it because you've taken them before, they've seen where you work, they've met the people you work with, the kids couldn't possibility get anything NEW out of it, right? Wrong. That's OUR perspective. The kids look forward to it all year. This year our parent company, News Corp., had an extensive program that featured mini-seminars on how television news works. That was followed up by a kid-friendly buffet (chicken fingers, hotdogs, hamburgers and cookies) and then a screening of "Ice Age 2"!

So this year, it was Sally Doocy's turn. She'd been looking forward to it for the last two MONTHS and the night before as I went to tuck her in, she was wide-eyed in bed.

"What's the matter?" I asked.

"I'm so excited" she said, reminding me this was a very big deal to my daughter.

I don't know how excited she was when the alarm clock rang at 3 a.m., but what other kid in her class was sucking down a Sprite at 4 a.m.? Just call me "Father of the Year."

We arrived early and Sally was immediately put to work. She sat in the Green Room and chatted up the guests — and there were plenty. Just look at the pictures from Sally's scrapbook: Olympic gold medalist, Apolo Ohno; former "American Idol" contestant and now host of "Idol Tonight," Kimberly Caldwell, and country singing sensation, Blake Shelton. There's also a picture of Sally piloting the world's smallest golf cart — it's been sitting outside of my office for two years. I don't know who it belongs to, I just know that she drove it until the battery ran out, which was about the same time Jon Scott came out of his office to ask her to stop trying to ram down his door.

Sally had a terrific time. My thanks to Andrew Butcher and his team at News Corp. for producing a great day for our kids. It was so unlike the time, 10 years ago, when I brought my son Peter to work. He was fine until he saw up-close how much hairspray and makeup his father wears.

"After that, for the longest time, whenever anybody asked, I said my dad was a dentist," Peter confessed recently.

By the way, Peter's life story will soon be a book from Harper Collins titled "My Dad, the Maybelline Man."

To all the parents who took their kids to work on Thursday: good job!

To Jon Scott, with the dented door: just be happy Sally doesn't drive a real car!

Have a great weekend,
Steve Doocy
Proud Father

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