So on the Huffington Post, Deepak Chopra published yet another anti-American screed, saying we should just give up the whole superpower thing.

Chopra writes, "America leads the world in arms dealing, starting wars, and developing new methods of mechanized death," conveniently leaving out all the other stuff that comes with being America: Saving millions of lives by ending world wars, killing dictators, stopping famine and civil conflicts, preventing mass disease, etc.

(Of course, we also exported Gwyneth Paltrow — so it cuts both ways.)

Chopra adds, however, that "peace is achieved by being peaceful..." Tell that to the Iranian voters, jackass.

Deepak's bitterness is really a moral blindness that prevents him from seeing what America really is: A beacon of freedom that inspires folks like the Iranians who seek escape from fascism. Chopra, oddly, ignores that and instead condemns a place where needy self-fulfillment has made him millions.

So why is this dope respected? Well, first, he's multicultural and new age — giving him a free pass to crap all over us. If he had been a white doctor, the media would treat him like Jimmy Swaggart.

And as a self-promoter, he uses guilt-ridden stars seeking dime-deep dogma to generate even more wealth. If there's a spotlight, Chopra will hog it, even if that spotlight is meant for dead folks. Look, Michael Jackson's pulse had barely stopped and Chopra was already yakking about how M.J. came to him for songwriting advice.

No wonder the last album sucked.

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