China Warns Toy Makers on Quality Before Christmas

Chinese toy makers must make sure they do not accept orders based on unsafe foreign designs, the Foreign Ministry said on Tuesday, as the country seeks to assure quality ahead of Christmas.

Millions of Chinese-made toys were recalled last year due to excessive levels of lead in paint and other safety concerns, the latest in the strong of scandals over the made-in-China brand, which has also included tainted pet food, milk and medicine.

"The Chinese government pays great attention to toy quality and demands toy makers keep the bar high for quality too," Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Qi Gang told a news conference.

"Related Chinese quality departments continue to increase quality checks on toys, especially those which are exported. If problems are found, then none of these products is allowed to be exported."

Qi said quality issues had to be analyzed "objectively, fairly and scientifically".

"For example, some Chinese toy makers manufacture based off foreign orders and designs, and then export. Then when problems are found they are found with the design. Those designs came from abroad."

China has in the past blamed foreign designs for being unsound of just plain dangerous, and called on companies not to accept orders if they do not think the designs are safe.