China banned poultry from Thailand and Cambodia on Sunday, two days after bird flu (search) cases were confirmed in both Southeast Asian nations.

The actions were taken "to prevent bird flu from entering China and protect the safety of the country's poultry," the government said in a statement issued by its official Xinhua News Agency.

The ban covers all birds imported "directly and indirectly" from the two nations. Any such products that make it into China (search) will be returned or destroyed, according to the State Quality Inspection Administration and the Agricultural Ministry.

Mailing of such products also was banned.

Both Cambodia and Thailand confirmed bird flu in their nations Friday. China already has banned fowl from Japan, South Korea and Vietnam on similar concerns.

No cases of bird flu have been reported in China. But the government has stepped up inspections at its border with Vietnam (search) and has been checking all border regions for tainted chickens and other fowl in recent days.