Cher, Joe Millionaire, Snoop Dogg and Queen Latifah

Cher, Joe Millionaire, Snoop Dogg and Queen Latifah in The Foxlight.

The cops are looking for Cher's hair. Police in Richmond, Va, say someone swiped one of Cher's wigs during a sold-out appearance there last week. The stolen wig is black, teal, braided and worth between eight and ten-thousand dollars.

From the "Uh-Oh Department" -- Zora's not wearing that diamond "promise" ring that Evan Marriott gave her on Joe Millionaire. She appeared by herself Monday night at a corporate event in New York City for a casino's advertising campaign. She smiled for photo after photo. And she says "for real celebrities, their entrance into the spotlight is gradual. By the time they make their $20 million movie they're prepared to handle the fame." Zora says in her case, "it was normal one day, crazy the next."

Snoop Dogg is getting ready for his debut as the star of his own TV variety show. MTV will introduce the show Doggy Fizzle Televizzle for the spring and summer of next year. A pilot of the show features Snoop working as a substitute teacher and at a fast-food restaurant's drive through. I think putting "fizzle" in the title may be a premonition.

Finally, Queen Latifah is hosting Saturday Night Live this week. She probably wants to prove she can be funny before too many people see Brining Down The House.