Chaos in Afghanistan and Iraq...

Over the weekend while most of us were celebrating the heroism of those who have died defending America, some Afghanis were rioting and some Iraqis were killing civilians.

In Kabul, a traffic accident led to this display, mostly young men who hate America, causing trouble in the streets. All of this got major play in the U.S. media.

And in Iraq, the CBS News team was bombed by terrorists. The cameraman and soundman were killed. Correspondent Kimberly Dozier was badly hurt. She is now in Germany and is expected to recover.

The chaos in Afghanistan and Iraq will never end, because there will always be people who hate Americans. And we are an occupying force in those countries.

The very important question is how do we as citizens process what's going on in those theaters of war? In Afghanistan, the Taliban are just waiting until we leave and will always be waiting. Whether the Karzai government will ever be strong enough to defeat them is an open question.

In Iraq, the terrorists will never stop bombing, no matter what government's in place. The situation will parallel Israel. Terrorism will always be on display. That's the truth. Terrorism is here to stay. Muslim fanatics are not going anywhere, so what should the USA do?

Well, the first thing is to be realistic. If we could go back to the fall of 2001 right after 9/11, you'd still have to invade Afghanistan. No way could the USA allow Al Qaeda to remain there.

But Iraq should be a lesson learned. We cannot ever again put American boots on the ground in a hostile Arab country. Iraq was an optional war. There will always be or there were other ways, I should say, of removing Saddam.

That being said, the John Murtha solution of cutting and running would lead to greater conflicts down the road, as Iran would dominate the Gulf. Even though the headlines are bloody, the USA could well win in Iraq. Most experts believe the insurgents have been badly hurt.

Also over the weekend, Congressman Murtha, who continues to duck "The Factor," spoke harshly about the investigation of some Marines who may have murdered some Iraqi civilians. Murtha even scolded ABC's Charles Gibson.


REP. JOHN MURTHA, D-PA.: Charlie, this has been going on six months. I mean, they've been trying to — they know the day afterwards. Don't make excuses for the military. This thing has been going on for six months.


Now what is Murtha's intent here? Is this an I told you so because he opposes the war? The Marines respectfully asked us to wait until they had concluded their investigation. I said that was fair. But Murtha is obviously bomb throwing.

Again, why? Murtha should answer that question because 95 percent of the military is performing heroically overseas in the chaos of war. Perspective and fair play are vitally important.

And that's "The Memo."

Most Ridulous Item of the Day

The third "X-Men" movie is making tons of money, an estimated $120 million over the Memorial Day weekend. I haven't seen the movie, because I am frightened of the X-Men. But I did see Halle Berry, who's in the film, do something very unusual this morning on "FOX & Friends."


STEVE DOOCY, CO-HOST, "FOX & FRIENDS": If you were a gymnast — do you want to do, you want to do a cartwheel?

E.D. HILL, CO-HOST, "FOX & FRIENDS": Watch out.

DOOCY: When's the last time you did a cartwheel.

HALLE BERRY, ACTRESS: Sure. Where do you want me to do it?

DOOCY: Right here.

BERRY: Right here?

HILL: Can you do — can you really do a cartwheel?

DOOCY: Come on.

I don't want you to get hurt, Halle.

HILL: There's my soda pop. Steve.

BERRY: All this for a stupid cartwheel?


HILL: Yes, yes, yes. OK.

DOOCY: Ladies and gentlemen, Halle Berry performing. Whoa!


Ridiculous? Nothing Halle Berry does is ridiculous.

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