Carol Channing's (search) Tony Award for her famed Broadway performance in "Hello Dolly!," (search) as well as an Emmy and a Golden Globe, have been stolen from her storage unit in West Hollywood, her publicist said Friday.

"Ever since it happened, I've been checking eBay every day just to make sure these things haven't shown up," said publicist Harlan Boll. "You never know what something like that would sell for."

Channing's other Tony Award, for lifetime achievement, as well as $50,000 worth of costumes and gowns, some by designer Bob Mackie (search), were also taken. The stolen Emmy was won for her comedy hour with George Burns (search), and the Golden Globe for her performance in "Thoroughly Modern Millie." None of the items have been returned.

Boll said Channing was handling the theft in stride.

"Carol is upset, yes. She wants the awards back because they mean something to her, but she's thankful no one got hurt. In the end, they're just material things," he said.

Channing, 83, has had the storage unit for about five years, since her divorce from her third husband. The items were meant to be catalogued and divided, but she got distracted writing her autobiography "Just Lucky I Guess," (search) and by her recent fourth marriage.

Boll said the unit was broken into about three months ago and Channing later filed a police report. She has since cleared out the remaining items and taken them to a home in northern California.