Here’s the latest edition of Some Stories You Won't Find on any other Sunday show:

Where's the Party?

Sen. Jon Corzine (search) and Congressman Robert Matsui, chairmen of the Democratic House and Senate Campaign Committees, are advising candidates not to attend this convention.

Corzine said he would rather see candidates dialing for dollars and shaking hands back home.

Curious Car

Members of the news media traveling to Detroit with John Kerry (search) this week were surprised by the logo on their credentials. The campaign picked a car for its press pass. Good enough idea, but it was a German-made Rolls-Royce convertible.

A General Motors worker described Kerry's choice as "an insult to mainstream America." A Kerry spokesperson said the Rolls "is a perfect symbol of who got the Bush tax cuts."

Change of Tone

In his autobiography "My Life," former President Bill Clinton (search) spells out his low regard for independent counsel Ken Starr. In one passage Clinton writes of Starr's efforts to "prosecute those who refused to lie for him."

But readers of the British edition get a watered-down version. The same passage there reads, "those who refused to tell him what he wanted to hear."

The change is due to libel laws in Britain, where Mr. Clinton would have to prove Ken Starr was coercing witnesses.