Cell Phone Stalker: 'I Can't Wait Till You Die'

Family members of two of the three families who have fallen victim to cell phone stalking have spoken out about their nightmare, saying police near their home in Tacoma, Wash., are not able to help them, and they are reaching out to media to help solve the case.

The families have received messages from the stalker threatening death upon them and their pets.

The person has left voice messages for the family stating things like " There will be a shooting at Curtis and Whittier today, so don’t send your kids. They will be dead… sooooo dead. I know where you are, I know where you live… I’m going to kill Ike and Plumpy."

Darci Price said they went to the police right away after the phone hijacking began.

"They kind of pushed us aside I think a little bit," she said. " So far, I think they can’t figure it out. So, we had to come to the media for help to try to solve this. It’s been traumatizing and terrorizing for all of our family, our extended family, my children. It’s unbelievable."

Tim Kuykendall, whose cell phone provided a portal through which a hacker gained access to the most intimate details of his life, recording family members' conversations and snapping pictures of what they were wearing.

“We’ve had [times] where I’m having a conversation in my home and I get a voice mail and the conversation’s replayed; received a phone call or even checked my voice mail from a message and while I push 'OK' to listen to [it] I’m hearing a conversation going on in the living room between my daughter and my wife,” he told FOX News.

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One message left on his phone follows: "I can’t wait till you die. Oh, my gosh. You will all be dead, even the officers.”

Kuykendall, who is working with police, said when he reported the activity to his provider, Sprint, he was not taken seriously.

His wife, Heather, said the steps they took with the company didn't help.

“We started off by changing phones, changing phone numbers,” she said. "We’ve done that three times. We closed our old account with sprint, opened up a new one. They [stalkers] know our every move. And they like to let us know that they do that by calling us right after we do something. At home, they would call us and tell us to stop doing that."

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Heather Kuykendall said the FBI is now investigating the claims after the chilling messages left on voice mail.

Price said the families do not know who specifically is responsible for the threats.

"We have no idea," she said. "It’s just someone we feel is stalking 16-year-old teenage girls and their families."