Another major political figure, Gov. Mark Sanford of South Carolina, blows up. Sanford has admitted to an affair and is likely done in the political world.

As soon as I heard the news, I knew some on the left would celebrate because the governor's a conservative Republican. Now, we all know that some on the right exploited the Monica Lewinsky situation. So reveling in the pain of others is not limited to one ideology. But the far left has been especially vicious lately, and so Gov. Sanford's young sons and his wife will bear the brunt of that.

Also, you may remember the right has been fairly restrained about the John Edwards situation. Here at FOX News, we reported the Edwards' affair, but did not dwell on it or celebrate it. That's important to remember. Edwards has two young kids, and his wife is ill, too, so to gratuitously demean him would be wrong, even though Edwards frequently attacked FNC and me in particular.

Wednesday night some liberal pundits could not wait to gleefully exploit the Sanford story. Shamefully, The Washington Post led the way. Here is Post editorial writer Jonathan Capehart.


JONATHAN CAPEHART, WASHINGTON POST: You know, a colleague of mine, Chuck Lane made a little joke just before I came on air. He said: At the rate the Republicans are going, the only marriages that will be worth anything are the gay folks getting married in Vermont.


The Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson, one of the biggest media haters in the country, actually said, "I'm grateful to the governor for doing this." Something is very, very wrong at The Washington Post.

And then there's Paul Begala, a guy who ran around screaming it was only about sex while defending President Clinton.


PAUL BEGALA: I am sick of getting lectured from Republicans that I'm not a good husband, I'm not a good Christian, I'm not a good patriot. They better cut that crap and do their real job and stop lecturing the rest us about gay rights and sex.


Now I could spend all night citing the nasty attacks by far-left loons, but one particularly annoyed me. Nancy Pelosi's daughter, Christine, a liberal activist said: "So Gov. Sanford is another family values hypocrite. How many times did he deny privacy rights and marriage equality to others? How many more Sanfords until the GOP decides to drop the hopelessly hypocritical opposition to privacy rights and marriage equality?"

Privacy rights, of course, is code for unrestricted abortion. So it's obvious what Ms. Pelosi is doing. If you support any protections for the unborn or traditional marriage, you had better be a saint or they're going to come after you. Absolutely vicious, absolutely un-American.

Again, there are hateful ideologues on both sides, but the fanatical left in this country will do just about anything to advance their agenda.

Some in the Muslim world believe in stoning people. Apparently some in the USA believe in stoning as well: stoning with words.

And that's "The Memo."

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