CBS sportscaster Jim Nantz — who spent much of his professional life watching opponents face off — is now in a messy battle of his own.

Nantz, 50, who earns more than seven million dollars a year, is in divorce court to protect much of his fortune from wife of 26 years, Lorrie Nantz, the Connecticut Post reported.

Sitting on a makeshift stand before the court, Nantz grew teary as he testified, blaming the marriage's demise on his wife's lavish spending habits, as well as what he claimed was a lack of support for his career, the paper reported.

Nantz's wife, who is seeking alimony as well as more than $1.5 million-per-year in child support for the couple's 15-year-old daughter, Caroline, has stated that she wants to keep the family's six bedroom home in Westport, Conn. The family also owns a condominium at a ski resort in Utah, according to the Connecticut Post. Lorrie Nantz said that she wants to care for the child's daughter even though she has a full-time nanny.

While court papers merely say that the marriage broke down irretrievably, Nantz told Superior Court Judge Howard Owens that while he was traveling around the country for work, his wife stayed home and went on excessive shopping sprees, the paper reported.

In nine years, Lorrie Nantz spent close to $1 million at a high-end clothing and jewelry store in Westport, Conn., the Post reported.

Last month she bought a $12,000 necklace at the posh store, but when pressed on its description, she could not remember details.

"I think it has some sort of stone," Lorrie Nantz told the court, according to the Connecticut Post.

Testimony in the trial concluded Friday, and Judge Owens will determine how to split the couple's assets. In addition to a $3.9 yearly salary from CBS, Nantz also make $4 million a year in deferred compensation, including a deal he has with golf company Titleist.

While testifying, Nantz admitted to having a 29-year-old girlfriend. He said he met the woman while promoting a book he wrote about his father in May, 2008, the Connecticut Post reported. Nantz only began the extramarital affair, he claimed, because his marriage "died," years ago, the Connecticut Post quoted him as saying to the court.

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