Caylee's Mother Casey Anthony Back in Jail, Bond Withdrawn

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The mother in the high-profile case of a missing Florida toddler is back in custody and appeared in court Saturday on new check fraud charges.

In her brief arraignment hearing, Casey Anthony's lawyer Jose Baez told the judge that his client understood the latest charges against her. Anthony, 22, said nothing and showed no emotion.

She has been named a person of interest in her daughter Caylee's disappearance and already faced charges of child neglect and lying to authorities. The fraud charges are unrelated to that investigation, according to Orange County police.

Meanwhile California bail bondsman Tony Padilla, who put up the $500,000 bond to spring her from jail a little more than a week ago, said he had withdrawn the bond. He told that the decision was made after days of back-and-forth.

"The new charges, increased security concerns and some of the new DNA evidence that’s come in put the bond at risk," Padilla said in a telephone interview. He declined to say what DNA evidence led to the decision to withdraw the bond.

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Preliminary test results from a lab at the University of Tennessee indicated that there had been a body decomposing in the trunk of Anthony's car. And early DNA analysis from the FBI showed a possible match between Caylee and hair and a stain found in the Pontiac Sunfire's trunk, according to local media reports citing sources close to the investigation.

The University of Tennessee tests and the FBI's data in the case have not been released to the public or the media.

The Orange County Sheriff's Office took Anthony into custody at her family's house late Friday night, barely a week after Padilla paid her $500,000 bond in the hopes that she would assist in finding Caylee, whose third birthday was Aug. 9, once she was released.

Until she was re-arrested Friday night, Anthony had been confined to her Orlando home with an electronic ankle monitor since she left jail Aug. 21, after a month behind bars.

Padilla said he'd re-evaluate whether to reissue Anthony's bond again at a later date. Padilla, his celebrity bounty hunter uncle Leonard Padilla and the Anthony family have all been getting death threats since she was released.

"I’ve already received a number of calls today: We’re going to kill you if you re-post the bond, we’re going to kill you if you don’t re-post the bond," Tony Padilla said Saturday. "The security issue we might have underestimated."

The arrest Friday night was related to new charges of check fraud that apparently predate the Caylee investigation and have nothing to do with her disappearance, police said.

According to sheriff's office reports, Anthony used a friend's checkbook to buy items at Target and Winn-Dixie and get cash in July.

"She used checks that did not belong to her," said Orange County Sheriff's Capt. Angelo Nieves. "The allegations surfaced during the investigation but we had to do our due diligence."

Anthony is now being held on an additional $3,000 bond stemming from the new charges, according to police. It isn't clear how long she will be behind bars.

Anthony's attorney called her latest arrest "grandstanding" on the part of law enforcement at a press conference outside of the Anthony family home.

"They are not searching for anyone," Baez said. "They are disingenuous."

Padilla had hoped her release from jail would lead to information on the child's whereabouts, he told

But Anthony "never said a word to me" about Caylee, he said. His uncle Leonard Padilla has claimed that Anthony refused to talk about her little girl while she home.

Caylee was 2 years old when she disappeared on or about June 16, though police did not learn that the girl was missing until about a month later. Police arrested Anthony on charges of child neglect and lying to authorities. She has not been charged in her daughter's disappearance, and no suspects have been identified. Anthony has pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Anthony has maintained that a baby sitter kidnapped her daughter. Police say they don't believe her and haven't been able to locate the sitter.

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