Caylee's Family Refused Offer to Take Lie Detector Test

The FBI and police offered the family of a missing Florida toddler the chance to take a lie detector test, but they refused, according to FOX affiliate WOFL-TV in Orlando.

Casey Anthony, the mother of little Caylee, as well as her parents and brother were all given the opportunity to undergo a polygraph, celebrity bounty hunter Leonard Padilla told the station.

Padilla — who with his bail bondsman nephew Tony Padilla posted and then withdrew Casey Anthony's $500,000 bond — said he was present when her family was approached about the lie detector test.

Anthony's parents George and Cindy Anthony and her brother Lee Anthony initially agreed to take a polygraph, according to Padilla. They changed their minds only hours later, and Lee Anthony delivered the news to Padilla and his crew.

"We thought, well here's an opportunity for you and your mom and dad to kinda clear yourselves," Padilla told WOFL.

There was no word on why the family had a change of heart.

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On Thursday, fraud charges were filed in court against Casey Anthony in a case officials say is unrelated to the girl's disappearance.

The Orange County State's Attorney's Office charged Anthony, 22, with grand theft in the third degree, three counts of fraudulent use of personal information, three counts of check forgery of a check and three counts of uttering a forged check, according to WOFL.

The charges stem from allegations that Anthony used checks belonging to friend Amy Huizenga to buy groceries and other items.

Huizenga is accusing Anthony of using checks from a checkbook left in Huizenga's car, which she let Anthony borrow.

Orange County Sheriff's Capt. Angelo Nieves said investigators also found evidence that Anthony used the checks in question.

Anthony has also been charged with child abuse and making false statements to investigators in Caylee's disappearance. Investigators have called her a suspect in the case.

Caylee, who was 2 when she vanished, was reported missing in mid-July. The girl hadn't been seen for a month before Anthony told authorities.

A group of volunteers has searched a secluded area near the airport where Anthony may have gone after her daughter's disappearance, but so far there has been no sign of the missing child.

Police now say they believe Caylee, whose third birthday was Aug. 9, is dead based on forensic evidence of a decomposing body and DNA matching that of the toddler found in Anthony's car.

Anthony has said that she left her daughter with a baby sitter, who then took off with the child. Detectives say they doubt her story and haven't been able to find the sitter.

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