Newly-released documents reveal that the grandfather of a missing Florida toddler worried about the smell of death he detected coming from his daughter's car trunk.

The Florida State Attorney's Office in Orlando released 500 pages of documents related to the Casey Anthony case, including interviews with the 22-year-old's parents, her former boyfriend and friends in connection with disappearance of the woman's missing toddler, Caylee, who is presumed dead.

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“I had bad vibes the very first day when I got that car," the little girl's grandfather George Anthony told investigators on July 24, adding: "I don’t want to believe that I have, have raised someone, and brought someone in this world that could do something to another person. I don’t want to believe that."

The former cop told police that he was concerned about a familiar odor wafting from the trunk of his daughter's Pontiac Sunfire. As a former investigator, he said, he recognized the smell of death.

George Anthony's wife Cindy, who told the media the smell was that of decomposing pizza, noticed the odor in their daughter's car too, he said in interviews with detectives.

"After we pulled inside the garage ... her exact words were, ‘Jesus Christ what died?’" George Anthony told police. "That’s exactly what she said. But then she said it in a way, she says, ‘George, it was the pizza right?’ And I said, 'Yeah, it was the pizza.’

"And that’s what I left it go at that, but, I’m sitting here as the grandfather, as the father, as George Anthony and as a guy who smelled the smell before years ago, and you just never forget it. I even stuck my nose down on it and I’m, I’m concerned."

Forensic tests released last month confirmed that hair found in the trunk of the vehicle came from a decomposing body. DNA evidence suggests a corpse had been in the car's trunk.

Other documents released Thursday include transcripts from taped interviews with Amy Huzienga, Casey Anthony's former best friend who is now accusing Anthony of forging her checks, MyFOXOrlando.com reported.

On Wednesday, a judge agreed to delay Casey Anthony's check fraud case until after her first-degree murder trial in January. The charges of writing checks using Huzienga's checkbook are unrelated.

"Judicial economy may be best served by hearing the murder case first," said Orange County Circuit Judge Stan Strickland, rejecting the argument of prosecutors who had fought trying Anthony for murder before fraud.

Caylee disappeared in June, two months shy of her third birthday, but wasn't reported missing until July.

Anthony said she left Caylee with a baby sitter, but police contend that's a lie.

The little girl has not been found, and authorities say she was killed. In addition to first-degree murder, her mother is charged with manslaughter and other offenses. Anthony has pleaded not guilty.

Last week, a report surfaced — and was quickly quashed — that convicted wife-killer Scott Peterson was writing letters to Anthony in jail.

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