Neil Cavuto was joined by Jim Rogers, president of JimRogers.com; FOX News Senior Business Correspondent, Karen Gibbs; Gregg Hymowitz, founder of Entrust Capital; and Gerri Willis, senior financial correspondent for SmartMoney magazine.

Fundamentals or Fundamentalists?

What will win on Wall Street, the fundamentals or the fundamentalists?

New video of Bin Laden and new worries of planes hitting skyscrapers spooking the market this past week.  It wasn't all bad news though, we did get some good reports on corporate America's bottom line, but will it be enough to overcome worries about developments overseas?

Jim says the market will remain volatile due to fundamentals like earnings and fundamentalists like Bin Laden.  Gregg thinks the market will go up unless oil skyrockets or we’re attacked by terrorists again. Gerri believes markets will continue selling off on news regarding terrorism.

With earnings season kicking into high gear, Neil also asked what stocks his guests recommend buying or selling due to the companies profit outlook.

Gregg says “buy” Wendy’s (WEN) and Viacom (VIAb).

Jim says “sell” Fannie Mae (FNM) and Freddie Mac (FRE).

More For Your Money: Tech Bottom?

The Nasdaq is down about 65% from its all-time high of 5048 set on March 10, 2000.

But are we seeing signs it's finally bottomed out,  and will it once again be the place to get more for your money?

Jim says techs will keep going lower and you should sell on rallies.

Gregg thinks the techs have neared bottom. He’d buy BEA Systems (BEAS) and Vodafone (VOD).

Gerri says techs are turning the corner, she’d buy Cymer (CYMI) and Brocade Communications (BRCD).

Head to Head:  Drill or Be Drilled?

What were our lawmakers thinking when they voted down drilling for more oil in Alaska this past week?  Neil says bring back the bill to drill, or we'll be drilled by Arab states more than willing to hold us hostage to the oil we depend on.

John Bowman, the legal counsel with the Environmental Defense thinks we should protect our wildlife in Alaska and create an Energy policy based on fuel conservation instead of exploration.

FOX on the spot

Gregg predicts the Federal reserve will not hike rates this year, and the market will rally!

Karen thinks stocks and bonds will rally on news the economy is strong
and that inflation is low.

Jim thinks the planets are aligned, but the markets and Mideast remain volatile.

Gerri says political bickering will push off Pension reform.

And Neil predicts we will revisit drilling for oil in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. He says environmentalists will come to realize that in a showdown with Iraq, we cannot let ourselves be too vulnerable to Iraq.