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Kim Cattrall's Marriage Is Just Fine, Thanks

I did a double take when I saw my colleague Cindy Adams's story about Kim Cattrall on Sunday. Always on the money, Cindy reported that "Sex and the City" star Kim and husband Mark Levinson were not only separating, but that Mark had fallen in love with Kim the star and not Kim the person.

But something seemed fishy here. I know Mark and Kim. I've known them since before they were married, when they were dating and then engaged. This was also before "Sex and the City" started filming or anyone knew anything about it, so it seemed kind of wild that Mark would suddenly only love Kim for her fame. Also, I saw Kim last week at a movie premiere and she was brimming with news about a documentary she was making with Mark. So what's what?

I spoke to the couple yesterday out on Long Island where they are spending the Christmas holidays. Mark answered the phone, and when I told him why I was calling he laughed out loud.

"It's bull[expletive]," he said, and, believe me, Mark does not curse very often. "Everything is fine. We're out here having our holiday. It's just ridiculous. No one called us or called Kim's publicist, and it's very easy to reach us."

Beyond that, Mark and Kim are not interested in giving credence to the negative story by denying it more vociferously.

What do I think happened? One of Cindy Adams's sources must have been confused. It can happen to any of us. Or, as happens a lot in this game, someone with an axe to grind against the Levinsons called in the item and Cindy trusted it.

Mark, true, has had to watch his wife do a lot of risqué things on her TV show. But as he said to me many times, "It's acting, that's all it is." I did a story about the couple for the New York Observer last year, too, and it was clear they loved each other. Kim, by the way, has been on a hiatus from the show for some time because of all the cast pregnancies. Instead of taking a movie assignment or role in a Broadway play (which she considered), she's been spending her time with ... Mark!

Mark, if you don't know, is quite famous in the world of high-end audio equipment. A line of CD players, receivers, etc. is still marketed in his name even though he gave up that company years ago. Vintage Mark Levinson equipment is considered hot stuff on the resale market. Just check eBay.

More recently, Mark has started Red Rose Music on Madison Avenue, which offers the most sumptuous-sounding speakers, pre-amps, and amplifiers I have ever heard. (No, I do not own or possess any … yet. Maybe one day, when Fox ups our paychecks. We can only dream!)

So there are the Levinsons, making beautiful music by the beach, and getting a good laugh about their press clips.

Giving During Christmas, Pt. 1

So many times throughout the year this column discusses fake charities or ones where all the money goes to the administration. I thought during the coming week I'd mention a few besides the obvious ones -- those being Literacy Partners, Project ALS, the Robin Hood Foundation, the Creative Coalition. By all means, if you're looking for a tax deduction, those are all worthy causes.

Last week, our pal Jon Gordon hosted a screening of the movie Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, which he produced at Miramax, for a new foundation set up in memory of his brother. Kenny Gordon died three years ago from arrhythmia of the heart. He was 26. Jon and his parents have now established a fund in Kenny's memory so underprivileged kids can attend Skidmore College.

Jon sent me this description so I could pass it along to you: "The scholarship targets high school students that have the ability to thrive in a higher-education environment, but whose schools do not provide the support or resources necessary to prepare them for the academic challenges of college. The Foundation has also established Kenny's Kids at Morry's Camp. Morry's Camp is a summer camp in upstate New York for inner-city children that not only provides these kids with an athletic and academic experience in a country setting, but the counselors also stay in touch with the campers year round, providing a constant support system for them.

‘We are currently working toward creating the Kenny Gordon Research Laboratory for Arrhythmia. We are presently working with Dr. Bruce Lerman, chief of the Division of Cardiology and director of Cornell University/New York-Presbyterian Hospital's Cardiac Electrophysiology Laboratory. Dr. Lerman's research is focused on developing better techniques for the control of cardiac arrhythmias.

“The Kenny Gordon Foundation is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. Gifts are tax deductible to the full extent of the law. Your generosity and support are crucial in allowing us to keep pursuing these endeavors that we know would make Kenny proud."

You can write to:

Jon c/o Kenny Gordon Foundation

400 East 56th Street, Suite 31N

New York, NY 10022

(o) 212-688-9215

(f) 212-486-2939

And Holiday Thanks