Catholic University Probes Women's Initiation Party That Included Stripper

Catholic University is investigating its women's lacrosse program after photos were posted on the Internet allegedly showing a male stripper at a freshman initiation party.

"If the evidence demonstrates that any of our current students willingly participated in these activities, appropriate disciplinary action will be taken,'' athletic director Michael Allen said in a statement.

Allen said that neither he nor coach Kristine Manning was aware of the party until Wednesday morning. He said an investigation began immediately.

"The president and I will meet with all the coaches at the university to discuss additional measures and policies that we can implement to ensure that in the future this kind of deplorable situation does not occur with any of the students at The Catholic University of America,'' the statement said.

The photos were posted on a Web site under the heading "Catholic University Women's Lacrosse Initiation Party 2006.'' The site doesn't say when or where the party was held.

Earlier this week, Northwestern suspended its women's soccer team after a Web site displayed pictures of alleged hazing at a party.