Catholic Church Vs. Mel Gibson: Marriage Is For Life | Chris Brown Gets It On With “girlicious” Singer At Hotel Pool | Janice Dickinson Was Drunk & Walked Off Valentino’s Runway, Armani Wasn’t Anne Hathaway’s First Oscars Pick & Rita Wilson Reveals Secret To Successful Marriage

Catholic Church Vs. Mel Gibson: Marriage Is For Life

Last Thursday Mel Gibson’s wife of over 28 years, Robyn Moore, filed for divorce in the Los Angeles Superior Court citing irreconcilable differences. Gibson is believed to be worth around $900 million and the couple did not have a prenuptial agreement. Robyn is seeking spousal support, joint custody of their child Tom (the only minor of their 7 children together) and attorney fees.

But the actor filed a response on Monday morning with claims that he and his wife have been separated since August of 2006 following Gibson’s DUI arrest. Reports surfaced in November last year that Gibson was in relationship with a 28-year-old Russian singer named Oksana while filming the Edge of Reason and he has since been pap-snapped in a passionate embrace in Costa Rica with the songstress.

“Mel hasn’t been cheating, he and Robyn haven’t been together for a long time,” said an inside source, adding that they have remained friends throughout the separation and tried on numerous occasions to work through their differences.

But Oksana isn’t the only young hottie Gibson has been cavorting with on the sands of Costa Rica recently. Last year he took then-trainwreck Britney Spears away, and Tarts has been told that the two meet on regular occasions, but it is all a friends-only affair. Oddly enough, Gibson’s wife has hired the same divorce attorney, Laura Wasser, that the pop princess used (Wasser also worked for Angelina Jolie) while Gibson is being represented by Jennifer Aniston and Jessica Simpson’s divorce lawyer, Robert Kaufman.

Under California law, assets and finances are split 50/50 thus it is believed that Gibson is clearly establishing the date of separation (which was left as TBA on the initial divorce papers) so that every penny he has made since then will be his private property.

In the papers, the Braveheart star also requests that the court terminate the rights for either party to receive spousal support as well as asking that Moore pay her own attorney fees.

According to People.com, on Easter Sunday Gibson confided in the parishioners at the Agoura Hills Holy Family Catholic Church that his wife had filed for divorce. Thus the question remains: will the traditionalist Catholic be able to remain director of the church that he spent his own $5.1 million building? Gibson and his soon-to-be ex-wife are listed in federal tax records as directors of the secluded church.

“The church is against divorce. When someone gets married, they're married for life. They will grant annulments in certain situations after evaluating the validity of the marriage,” said Rev. Patrick O’Dwyer of the St. Maximillian Kolbe Church in Oak Park, Calif. “They do not look down upon anyone in the religion and if someone is going through a divorce, the church will do all they can to help.”

Mind you, Tarts called at least a dozen churches for comment but nobody “felt comfortable” commenting on Gibson’s situation - but it doesn’t sound as though some at the Corpus Christi Church in NYC enjoyed Passion of the Christ.

“We couldn’t care less, not a fan of Mel Gibson,” said the spokesperson before slamming down the phone. Ouch.

Longtime media specialist and Hollywood publicist Michael Levine also felt strongly that the divorce could greatly impact Gibson’s fan base.

“A lot of his credibility came from his religious connection,” Levine said. “I think this will certainly damage his credibility with his conservative audience.”

Chris Brown Gets It On With “Girlicious” Singer At Hotel Pool

Rumors have been running rampant that Chris Brown has moved on from Rihanna and hooked up with his high school sweetheart Erica Jackson, but Pop Tarts exclusively learned that the controversial crooner was getting cozy with another brunette beauty at West Hollywood’s Le Petit Hotel on Saturday.

According to eyewitnesses, “Girlicious” songstress/dancer Natalie Mejia was happily flirting with model Sebastian Olegovych at the hotel’s rooftop pool but the 20-year-old pop princess was soon snagged away by Brown (who despite the warm weather still donned a hoodie poolside). We’re told the twosome canoodled together as Brown’s two guards shielded them and the aspiring princess was quick to get dressed and left arm-in-arm with Brown and the two were later spotted at a tattoo parlor together.

“It was clear he came just to see her. They were all over each other,” said a source, adding that Brown was acting pretty full of himself and Miss Mejia was being very friendly until Brown arrived. Mejia was a contestant on the CW Reality show "Pussycat Dolls Present: Girlicious," in which she became one of the four girls to make up the group and is known for her overtly confident, competitive attitude.

“They’re together,” added another inside source. Mejia herself even opened up to Radar Online on Monday and admitted to being in the beginnings of a new romance with Brown.

Reps for Brown and Mejia did not respond for comment; however a rep for Brown told Tarts that the rumors of the new romance are false. Hmmm, or could it be that if he’s moved on already Rihanna might not be so kind when it comes to testifying against him in court?

“She will be livid,” added our source.

Janice Dickinson Was Drunk and Walked Off Valentino’s Runway; Armani Wasn’t Anne Hathaway’s First Oscars Pick; Rita Wilson Reveals Secret To Successful Marriage

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) was enlightened by all things haute and hot recently as it hosted the star-studded West Coast premiere of the documentary Valentino: The Last Emperor - but it seems former supermodel Janice Dickinson has some particularly strong memories of the designer. Well, the details are probably a little patchy given the circumstance…

“I worked for this gentleman when I first became a supermodel in the late 1970's, but I was stupidly alcoholic back in the day and I walked off the runway at a Valentino show when I was absurdly not with a 12 step program,” Dickinson told Tarts, adding that after that “mishap” she soon strutted into rehab and also “fell into the lap of Sophia Loren."

Even though Valentino Garavani The Great has retired from sketching and sewing, Anne Hathaway (unsuccessfully) tried to get him to help her win Best Actress at this year’s Academy Awards.

“I actually begged him to make me an Oscar dress but that didn't happen,” she said, quickly adding that she got to wear “the most gorgeous Armani." Oops, will someone be offended?

Celebrity stylist/reality starlet Rachel Zoe (who once claimed she had more influence than Anna Wintour) also attended as an A-list guest at the swanky soiree, but it seems she and the designer have different views when it comes to the power the Vogue editor-in-chief possesses in the fashion world.

“Of course (she is the most powerful), she's very, very clever and she knows what she wants and she understands fashion very,very, very well,” Valentino enthused.

And let’s face it; Hollywood isn’t exactly the home for long-lasting love affairs (are you reading this, Mel?) so how has Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson managed to make their marriage last for over a decade?

“We always make each other laugh, have honest communication and I never take him for granted,” Wilson said.