Catch a Wandering Eye

Think your spouse might be running around on you? Janine Driver was on my show today giving us some warning signs we should watch for in our relationships. Some big tip offs that our partners may be cheating on us are:

- Change in day-to-day behavior
- Personality change
- Increase in work-related absences
- Car clues
- Change in sex pattern
- "Hide and seek" in your home
- Giving (guilt) gifts
- Secretive cell phone/pager use
- Finding physical evidence
- Change in behavior around members of the opposite sex
- Accidental slip-ups or disclosures

If you want more helpful relationship advice, you can visit Janine Driver’s Web site at www.lyintamer.com

Window Washer Woes

Ever fall asleep at work? Well it’s one thing to fall asleep at your desk but what if you work 20 stories up, on the outside of the building? One sleepy window washer in Nashville, Tennessee managed to catch a 30-minute catnap while suspended off the side of a skyscraper. The man woke up to firefighters tugging on the rope attached to his harness and a sign in the window he was facing that read “R U OK?”

Well, he was! The man was checked out by paramedics and given a clean bill of health. Looks like he just needs to go to bed a little bit earlier!

PS3 Parents

Are you a video game fanatic? If so you’d probably give just about anything to get your hands on the new PlayStation 3, right? What about giving up your child? Fair trade? Some people thought so.

Yesterday on KDWB-FM’s morning radio show, host Dave Ryan asked his listeners if they would be willing to give up their baby for 24 hours in exchange for the new PS3. To his shock the radio station was flooded with calls from listeners willing to make the trade!

Ryan says the question was meant as a gag, and couldn’t believe so many people were “lined up to turn their kids over to strangers!”

Some callers played along with the joke but about three quarters of the listeners calling in were dead serious about offering up their children.

Who are these people? And how are they allowed to have children? They couldn’t have been serious, right?

Great Gifts

Tomorrow we start highlighting great holiday gifts that you can give this season. We will feature one gift a day for the month of December. I love to promote viewer’s products, so if you know about something fantastic, let me know! You can e-mail the idea to me or if you wish you can send it to:

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Attention: E.D. Hill

White House Eggnog Recipe

I hate to be a tease--but the recipe is at my house! I will be putting it on my website www.hillfriends.com over the weekend, so be sure to log on and check it out!

While you're there, check out the growing gift list under "The Christmas List" category to get a preview of our hot holiday gift ideas!

Have a great day.


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