A Gilbert cat survived a 2 1/2-hour trip on a spare tire under her owner's truck.

Gil Smith recently drove from his home 70 miles away for a business meeting in Kearny.

When he got out of the truck, he heard a cat in distress and realized it was his.

Smith says the cat, Bella, was hysterical, shaky and tired, but was smart enough to know not to jump off the tire as the truck was moving.

Smith and his wife have adopted three indoor cats, three goats and three chickens. But Smith says Bella, an outdoor cat, adopted the couple years ago and has a special place in his wife's heart.

Smith says he canceled his meeting with a state Department of Economic Security official who had driven 50 miles to get to Kearny so he could get Bella home.

It was either that, or, he jokes, get a divorce.