Dear Viewers,

Last night I drafted Ted to stick around and answer questions from you for the video stream, (Click on the text to the right in the video box and hear the e-mails and answers) but the e-mails poured in and poured in. Thus I am going to answer a few here. (And, as an aside, thanks for all your e-mails. Last night I tried to log on when I got home to answer them but I got locked out of our server. I have no idea why...)

E-mail No. 1

I just finished watching your segment regarding Laci Peterson. You and your panel repeatedly joked about the whole process that is going on in the bay area right now. Many know that it is a circus and do not agree that this is how something so tragic should be handled. I would just like to remind you that there are several people here in the Central Valley (Modesto) that were close to Laci and do not appreciate that you are laughing about how the lawyers conduct themselves.

It is a disgrace. I am requesting that in the future you remind your panel that Laci and Conner were murdered and that is not something to joke about no matter how ridiculous the whole process has become. How terrible that Gloria Albright and the rest of the panel think so little of Laci, Conner and the family to joke about something that has touched so many in this area. I will pray that they will see how inappropriate it is to make light of the situation.
Gina V.

ANSWER: Gina — no one on our panel thinks it is "funny" that two people are dead and one faces the death penalty. Yes, from time to time, we laugh on our show and I have in the past worried that the laughter would seem insensitive. I hope the show did not appear that way last night because I know that each member of our panel is a very decent person and not callous.

E-mail No. 2

The Prosecution has made so many mistakes, has been reprimanded by the judge for failing to do their work properly and quite frankly appear incompetent. In situations such as this, does the judge have any obligation to replace the prosecuting attorneys if the judge believes that they are not adequately presenting the case?
Marie M.
New York

ANSWER: The judge has no authority to replace the prosecutor. Second, I have "been around the block" and, the fact that the prosecutor seems to be having "troubles" does not mean that he will lose in the end. Trials are THAT unpredictable and surprising.

E-mail No. 3

Greta ~ why do you bother to waste airtime on Gloria? She never has anything of interest to say ever! Her act of trying to be coy and suspenceful or what ever it is she is trying to portray, is coming across as boring, egotistic and irritating . She has not provided any insight into this case from the very begining. At this point she is nothing more then wasted airtime. You have many more talented view points from your excellent panel of past and present DA's and attornys who all at least have something intelligent and of interest to say.
Thank you for you time.
Ann Marie

ANSWER: Ann Marie — Last night I thought we got more out of Gloria than we have ever gotten.  I know many viewers don't want to hear from her but I think each night we "pry" a little more out of her — it is as though she were on the witness stand. (And, like on the witness stand, we can watch her body language and try and interpret what she is saying.)

E-mail No. 4

Hi Greta, love your show, never miss it.
Question! Did anyone check the warehouse, just maybe he killed her there. There is no doubt that he killed her,( but sounds like he and ,as) Jeffery said  OJ can look for there wifes killers, after a golf game. they do have a lot in common.
Love your panel. (Jeffery is one of my favorite's )
Nancy B.

ANSWER:  Nancy — frankly, anything is possible at this point!! The prosecution has not established where it thinks she was killed ... but most think the prosecution thinks it was in the house. Most murders leave "murder scenes." Note: I said "most" — each case is different.

E-mail No. 5

I was in the Navy in 1945/46. We decommissioned an LST ship. It was anchored in the San Francisco Bay. We dumped large spools of wire cable, oxygen tanks, hardware and all kinds of things into the Bay. We were told that most of it would be carried out to sea.

As for the small boat, if one removes the motor and dumps a large heavy object over the back of the boat, the boat would not capsize.

I was not sure if anyone thought of this.

We enjoy watching your show.

ANSWER: I think the above point — whether you can dump a body from a 14 foot boat is key. I fully expect — but just a guess — that the defense and/or prosecution will show a video demonstration.

E-mail No. 6

Hi Greta,
In one of her earliest interviews, I remember Amber saying that had Scott told her that his wife was dead. Perhaps she was calling the policeman in order to verify that info.????
Your show is great!

E-mail No. 7

I get so frustrated hearing all your experts talking about this case yet I never want to miss your segment on it. It makes me sick to think that Scott will probably get off due to a bunch of screw ups. We all know that he is guilty. There are just too many coincidences and a lot of circumstantial evidence!! Yet again…another California jury that may let a murderer go free.

The thing that really got to me tonight was how your panel was criticizing Amber. Come on!!! Can you people imagine what was going through her mind during those “5 hours” before she called police?? Hello!!! She was probably s——g her pants!!! I am sure she was calling family and friends asking for advice knowing that there would be speculation that she was an accomplice or had something to do with it.

And, I have to disagree with Ted…if she only dated him a handful of times and the rest was just talking on the phone for a total of 1 month, I could totally see why she did not know he was married. Face it…through behaviors of Scott, he has clearly shown that he is a manipulator who can wear many hats and I am sure had some pretty smooth lines for Amber. It is not like they were dating for 2 months, seeing each other every day.

Ted, I like you, but hind sight is 20/20!! And who cares that she dated this detective from Fresno. She is a single woman with the right to date who ever she wants. If I had dated a homicide detective in the past or was friends with one I definitely would have called him for advice or help. What the heck are friends for???

Greta, I love your show and turn it on every evening to get the latest on this case. Most nights it is really discouraging when the prosecution gets slammed over and over. I so badly want to see them have some better days soon!! I hope Amber’s testimony blows this case and Scott Peterson out of the water!!!
Ann J.


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