Carrie Prejean Set to Star in 'Celebrity Apprentice'? | La Toya Jackson Dissed From 'Dancing With the Stars' | Former Playmate Jayde Nicole: 'I Was Very Anti-nude Modeling and Playboy'

Carrie Prejean Set to Star in 'Celebrity Apprentice'?

Donald Trump was the one who gave the Miss California directors the go-ahead to dethrone beauty queen Carrie Prejean earlier this year, but it looks like he may soon have the opportunity to say "you’re fired" himself.

Pop Tarts has learned that Prejean has been in talks with Trump over the past few weeks to star in the third installment of his hit NBC show "Celebrity Apprentice."

"Carrie really wants to do it," an insder told Tarts. "Trump keeps going back and forth over it, he doesn’t really care either way."

A rep for Trump said that the casting process is ongoing and nothing has been determined, while a rep for the 22-year-old former pageant princess told us that they were "unaware" of the negotiations taking place. Prejean did not return emails requesting comment.

Tarts also hears that this isn’t the only reality show Prejean has had discussions with recently. According to another insider, the folks from "Dancing With the Stars" really wanted the blonde beauty to salsa her way into the Monday and Tuesday night time slots, but in the end, an agreement couldn't be reached.

La Toya Jackson Dissed From 'Dancing With the Stars'

Speaking of salsas and sambas, Pop Tarts has learned that despite discussions with "DWTS," La Toya Jackson was eventually left off the show because of financial constraints.

"They really wanted her, but she wanted way too much money," said our snitch. "It was ridiculous, too far out of the ballpark."

However, Jackson recently told "Access Hollywood" that she would not be participating in the show due to the "circumstances" surrounding the death of her brother Michael Jackson.

A rep from the ABC show declined to comment on any individual contract negotiations.

In more Jackson-related news, the former pop prince was scheduled to be buried this Saturday (almost two months after his death). However, the private burial has now been postponed a further two days.

"The family and attorneys are still fighting over the final resting place," said an inside source. "The issue is turning an area into Neverland for money-making purposes. It is unlikely that will happen, but it has been an issue all along. You never know what will happen, this is Michael Jackson after all."

Former Playmate Jayde Nicole: 'I Was Very Anti-nude Modeling and Playboy'

Jayde Nicole shot to fame last year when she was named Playmate of the Year, but it turns out that the Canadian native was very against baring her body, before she was wooed in by the men’s magazine mogul.

"I was very anti-nude modeling and Playboy. I had been asked to do it several times and I always said 'You cannot pay me a million dollars I am so against it!' I had this whole idea of Playboy being skanky and shady and I was always like 'no no no,'" she told Tarts at a recent Hollywood party. "I was doing a bikini catalog in Miami and the photographer was from LA and he asked me if I would do it and again I said no, but he kept telling me all this stuff about the company and how it's the best company ever and he told me to go home, buy a Playboy, look at the Playmate part of it and then decide. So my mom actually went out and bought me my very first Playboy. She was very supportive, and we looked at the centerfold and it was done very classy and it looked really pretty."

Nicole has since moved on to be a regular on "The Hills" thanks to her romantic relationship with Brody Jenner, who doesn’t seem to mind millions of other men eyeing his girlfriend’s naked body.

"He is pretty good about it," she said. "We trust each other to death, so he loves it, he's just like, 'Yeah! That's my girlfriend! You have a magazine? Good! Keep buying them!' and he comes up with me every Sunday to the Playboy Mansion so he loves it."

Speaking of love, could the couple be getting to ready to tie-the-knot sometime soon?

"We don't have any plans… right now. We've been together for a long time and we're very happy and we spend almost everyday together," Nicole said.