Carrie Prejean Encouraged to Surrender Sash, Declines Offer to Join Beauty Queens to Promote the 'Diversity' Of California in New PSA | Gwyneth Paltrow Wants You to Be a Hot Mama | Cannes Kinda Canned?

Carrie Prejean Encouraged to Surrender Sash, Declines Offer to Join Beauty Queens to Promote the "Diversity" of California in New PSA

In the midst of the mounting mayhem surrounding Miss California USA Carrie Prejean, the pageant’s state directors Keith Lewis and Shanna Moakler rallied together a bevy of beauty queens (including the reigning Miss Teen USA Chelsea Gilligan as well as former pageant princesses Miss Universe 1997 Brook Lee, Miss USA 2003 Susie Castillo, Miss USA 2004 Shandi Finnessey, Miss Teen USA 2006 Katie Blair, former Miss Californias Raquel Beezley and Tamiko Nash and even Miss USA 2009 judge Claudia Jordan) to film a PSA entitled "I Believe … The Beauty of California."

The gorgeous girls gathered together at a studio in Santa Monica on Thursday to record the message (expected to hit the web next week) which is aimed at promoting the diversity of California and includes such lines as "I believe when I express my opinion I have a responsibility to do it in a way that respects others who may not agree … I believe in love … I believe when two people with opposite views communicate with love and respect both points of view can be heard … I believe no one should be silenced if they are speaking from their heart with respect … I believe in the beauty of California."

"This (PSA) has been in the works forever, but it got pushed to the front burner as we started to realize there was a vacuum sucking the life out of us. We were starting to feel that people might not be seeing our vision clearly right now," Miss California Co-Director Keith Lewis told Tarts at the shoot. "We gathered these amazing women; these are the empowered spokespeople of our organization that are constantly in the front lines as the shining example of what this organization does. For us in state of California, its all about diversity, beauty, landscape and tourism. These are the women that are committed to that platform."

However their current controversial crown-holder, Carrie Prejean, was notably absent from the shoot.

"We reached out; we tried to get her to be here. Unfortunately her schedule wasn’t permitting with her new outreach programs she was involved with today with some PR stuff she was doing," Lewis said. "We miss her, we wish she was here. We would definitely like to get her home and get her working on the business at hand."

According to a rep for Prejean, she had a "prior personal commitment otherwise she would have been glad to participate."

And at least for the time being, the 21-year-old has not had her tiara taken from her despite the release of a second lingerie snapshot (which she claimed was electronically-altered) on Thursday. A pageant insider also said that they were warned somebody was planning to post far more graphic photos of the blonde beauty in coming days (her rep shot down rumors that any more undoctored snaps even exist) thus the final dethroning decision is still being deliberated upon by Miss California officials and the Miss Universe Organization.

"We are a story in evolution and the conclusion just isn’t here yet. It’s so difficult to rush to judgment with anything without really having all the information so I have to take all the information in and process it. It then goes through the Miss Universe Organization and Donald Trump is intimately involved. We are communicating through the proper channels with one another as we always do," Lewis explained. "We are just trying to move forward in what is the best way for the organization, the women, the titleholder and the state. Carrie is still Miss California USA, but right now she is not acting in the capacity of Miss California USA. She is acting as Carrie Prejean and working on things that are important to Carrie Prejean."

Speaking of which, numerous pageant insiders and former title holders feel that if Prejean wishes to continue her crusade in advocating her traditional views of marriage, she should first resign from her regal role.

"I think it's awesome that she’s found something that she’s very passionate about and found this voice, but if she wants to pursue that and emphasize those opinions she should do it as Carrie not as Miss California so therefore I do think she should step down," Miss USA 2004 Shandi Finnessey said. "But I actually think it’s sad you turn on the TV and everyone is so concerned about a beauty queen and whether or not she will lose her title. But I understand it’s important because she now is Miss California USA and she has to represent that title and not necessarily herself."

But regardless of who or what is wrong or right in this pandemonium which all stemmed from Perez Hilton’s question about same-sex marriage at the high-profile pageant almost three weeks ago, Lewis believes that the backlash Prejean has had to deal with is unwarranted.

"Our job is bringing people together and many people felt she was vilified and targeted. I don’t think she deserves that. I’ve got a 23-year-old daughter and a 21-year-old son and I’m thinking nobody at that age deserves that kind of scrutiny," he poignantly added. "This isn’t an issue we wanted to engage in, but we are in it -- we are politically involved in some of this conversation and this chaos. We want to move on with this agenda which is bringing this state together, bringing the people together, making sure that everyone knows there is room at the table and that nobody is excluded. There is no language in this world that isn’t spoken somewhere in the state of California and no ethnicity in this world that isn’t represented in this state and when you have that kind of diversity, you have a responsibility to everyone."

Gwyneth Paltrow Wants You to Be a Hot Mama

Wanna look as lush post-pregnancy as Gwyneth Paltrow? Now you can.

JOHNSON’S® just kicked-off its second annual Mothers Day celebrity hand-me-down auction in conjunction with eBay andAuction Cause and is giving away items donated by Gwyneth Paltrow and Jessica Alba. And best of all, 100 percent of the auction proceeds go to benefit Clean Water for babies around the world.

Paltrow donated a package to help a new mom "get her body back" with her very own personal trainer Tracy Anderson -- who guided the Oscar-winning actress back to a flawless figure after having two kids. Anderson’s package, compliments of Paltrow, includes a personal consultation with Anderson (who is also responsible for Madonna’s bangin’ body), one-on-one training, weekly phone consultations, Anderson’s workout DVD’s and flights/accommodation in either L.A or New York to meet with the A-list trainer.

Fellow Hollywood hottie and new mama Jessica Alba is also in on the action and not only donated tons of clothing from daughter Honor Marie but also a limited edition MacLaren Juicy Couture stroller (with Juicy signature logos and pink/brown styling - the must-have gift for any diva mom and her princess).

Cannes Kinda Canned?

When it comes to posh parties, Cannes Film Festival has always been considered the creme de la creme -- but it looks as though sponsors are slipping, the parties are perishing and the mood is darkening on the French festival (which kicks off next week) amid the global economic crisis.

Leading fashionistas Fendi and top-notch jeweler Swarovski Crystal have reportedly severed their sponsorship of the uber-chic nightclub Jimmy’z while Louis Vuitton has bypassed its usual AIDS benefit and Vanity Fair pulled their annual black-tie ball. Overall, hotels and yacht/car rentals are only being booked partially rather than the whole duration of the festival and the catering trend for function seems to be steering away from abundant sit-down dinners to more hors d'ooeuvres.

However for all the Hollywooders out for a good time at that glam affair, fear not -- there is still a limited supply of bubbles and Boulette d'Avesnes if you're lucky. We’re told the Maybach Foundation and Sunflower Children Foundation are expecting an A-list turn-out to their black-tie celebrity poker night next Sunday hosted by Edward Norton and produced by Usonian Entertainment’s Nathan Folks.

Meanwhile Penelope Cruz (in addition to a slew of other stars) will sip Akvinta cocktails and compete in a game of Hollywood Domino in support of the Global Fund inspired by RED (guests are encouraged to dress glam with a hint of red). Kirsten Dunst is also expected to bring her A-list posse to The Art of Elysium, with Cartier and Relativity media, 1st annual Paradis cocktail and dinner party at the exclusive Soho House Chateau during Cannes and if you're fortunate enough you will be whisked off to a big yacht anchored out in the Mediterranean which is where the most uber-swanky star-studded soirees take place.

And for all the inside scoop on the festival, or more importantly the wild nights, stay tuned.