Carrie Fisher, Summer Catch and Dennis Quaid in the post-nuptial glare of The Foxlight.

Can Princess Leia become a force as a talk show host?  Carrie Fisher thinks of herself as the "salad" to the main course of celebrities. She says she "was the salad to the Debbie and Eddie blue plate special, the salad to the sci-fi fast food thing." Then, she says she "was the salad to the Paul Simon thing, whatever that was." She's talking about her parents, Star Wars and her ex-husband, in case you were curious.  But will the Oxygen Network subtitle a translated version for the rest of us?

Summer Catch star Jessica Biel learned a lot from the controversy surrounding her erotic photos in Gear magazine. Biel says it taught her where her boundaries are, because she was too young - 17 at the time - to know any better at the time. Biel says she "got involved with the wrong people" and "made a bad decision." And it won't happen again because she knows better now.  Too late - some critics are calling this new movie a summer catastrophe.

It's hard to get a date if you're Dennis Quaid, says Liz Smith.  After his split with Meg Ryan, he started dating Andie MacDowell - until she got engaged to her childhood sweetheart.  Now comes word that a stripper at a Los Angeles club called Foreplay said she couldn't give him her phone number because he's "too old."  Ouch - try twenties instead of singles next time, Dennis.